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APPLICATION [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:03 am]
Super Robots Iron Chef!


Player Username: Easy
Player Name: Again, Easy
Player Age: See Above
Player E-Mail: Couldn't be simpler
Previous RP Experience: What LJ Comms, MU*s, whatever have you RPed at before?

Name: The Character's Name
Preexisting: Are they on the existing list of characters? If so, put yes, otherwise, put no.
Group: Is it an Iron Chef? A Shadow Chef? A Crewman on the Adventure? What?
Position: The character's position in the group. N/A for unaffiliated.
Profile: A brief who the character is, that can be displayed.
History: Your character's history,
Description: A physical description.
Abilities: Things your character can do, and the justifications therefor, though if you cvan work them into history instead.

Mech: The Mech Name.
Abilities: The Mech Abilities, excluding weapons.
Weapons: The Mech's weapons.
Description: A physical description of the mech.

After you've filled that out, e-mail it to makoknight at camrin dot org, with the subject line Iron Chef Application - /

Name: Takeshi Kaga
Preexisting: Yes
Group: The Iron Chefs
Position: Chairman
Profile: The leader of the elite fighting force, The Iron Chefs, Takeshi Kaga is the man that brought earth's salvation together. Kaga is a fairly relaxed young man, despite his important position. He's the man who single handedly runs the Iron Chefs, both on stage and in their secret mission. Kaga is a very flashy person, having spent quite some time as an actor, before coming into his vast fortune. Kaga takes a slightly perverse enjoyment of his keeping people off guard. Kaga's relaxed and flamboyant dispostion, is, oddly enough, not a cover for anything. He's just like that.
History: Takeshi Kaga was a child prodigy. Anything he did, he seemed natural at. He was one of those kids. He learnt a variety of martial arts, he learnt the fine aspects of engineering, then he went off to be an actor. Years later, something happened on the planet, and creatures started attacking the land. It's then, he pulled out an old design. The designs for three robots. The Iron Chefs. But Takeshi Kaga was an odd one, and recruited a group of master chefs as well as master fighters to his cause. And when the time came to defend the earth, Kaga was ready.
Description: A young man with slightly tan colored skin, and wavy, shoulder length black hair. He's of a fairly slight build, and not terrifically big on muscle tone. His eyes are a dark brown, and he has a face that he rather likes to think of as handsome. He is, at the moment, wearing a black and red tuxedo, with a large white ruff, and a shimmering yellow cape, along with nice shoes, and whtie gloves.
Abilities: Takeshi Kaga is an extremely good actor, and skilled in an enormous number of martial arts. He is also a quite accomplished weapons designer, having designed all six Iron Chefs, and the stolen Iron Chef J-II Experimental. Furthermore, he is a skillful pilot, but not the best out there, depending on surprise and his weapons.

Mech: Chairman
Abilities: Active Camouflage, Shielding Mechanisms, High Speed Movement, Illusion Projector.
Weapons: 'Secret Ingredient' Variable Weapons System - The Secret Ingredient system means that every weapon Chairman uses will not come prepared. The "Secret Ingredient' is an item in the Chairman, that forms into a new weapon whenever battle starts, using it to keep his opponents of guard, and unable to judge how he fights. But once activated, the secret ingedient can't change, and overrides all other combat manuevers.
Description: The Chairman is a large black a red humanoid mech, with a shimmering protective ruff covering the cockpit in the chest. Otherwise, it is essentially a giant robot version of Kaga.