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Launch in Five [Sep. 6th, 2006|10:03 pm]
Super Robots Iron Chef!


Day: T-Minus Five
The man had walked in a few days ago. He said he was for a job. Okay, I thought. I put him in packing for ten bucks an hour. We always need more packers, and if he's good and able to keep his mouth shut, I figured he could do well in higher levels.

Day: T-Minus Four
Gotta cover my ass. There's rumors of the Adventure nearby, they could throw a wrench in our plans. We can't have them poking around with their damn robots. Not before it's ready.

Day: T-Minus Three
There's gotta be a leak. The rumors are true, I saw it this morning. We have to speed up production. The packers are busy, the new guy's got it together. Says his name's Alex.

Day: T-Minus Two
Damndamndamndamn. Not going well. Parts have gone missing. It won't be ready. It has to be ready. They'll be coming soon, I can feel it in my bones.

Day: T-Minus One
They're here. I can hear the ship overhead. Something's wrong. They shouldn't have been here yet, we didn't finish it. How did they know? Alex says I'm too worr

Aristos quietly picked up a lead pipe, weighing it in one hand. He'd been in town investigating rumors of a Dark Chef outpost working on some new weapon. Now, he wasn't an Iron Chef, but evil's evil, and good's gotta stop it.
Option One: big battle, massive collateral damage. Dark Chefs always went for the collateral damage.
Option Two: end it in the cradle. After all, that's why he was around - information and quick, decisive action, no? He watched the supervisor typing, and hefted the pipe again. Hm...
With care, he brought the pipe down on the back of the man's head, and then tossed it away. He looked over at the screen, and wondered how this idiot had become a supervisor, trusting "Alex" so quick. He'd only been working for five days.
He'd have to bring the pieces he'd taken back to the Adventure for examination. He was no techie, after all. But they were shiny and looked important, so he'd reached into the casing and pulled them out, and then the thing stopped humming. They were in his pockets now.
He leaned over the keyboard.

Day: T-Minus Zero
Cancelled, sorry.

Then, quietly, he made his way out of the little room the supervisor used as an office, walked out of the building and called up the airship on his cell. "Hey, get me a transport up there, guys. I got some stuff and confirmed location. I'll draw you guys a map while we wait, and you can scrap it easy and clean."