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SETTING [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:01 am]
Super Robots Iron Chef!



Five years ago, a man's fantasy became a reality in a form never seen before:

Kitchen Stadium, a giant cooking arena.

Publicly, the motivation for spending his fortune to create Kitchen Stadium was to encounter new original cuisines which could be called true artistic creations.

However, there was another reason.

Beneath the stadium lay a secret base, and a series of powerful mechanical combat machines. His goal was to stop an impending war, between Demonic Robot Chefs, High Powered Aliens, and mankind.

To realize his dream, he secretly started choosing the top chefs of various styles of cooking, and trained them as his pilots.

He named his machines the Iron Chefs: the invincible Mecha of culinary and combat skills.

The Pilot of Iron Chef J is Rokusabaru Michiba.
The Pilot of Iron Chef F is Hiroyuki Sakai.
The Pilot of Iron Chef C is Chen Kenichi.
And Masahiko Kobe is the pilot of Iron Chef I.

Beneath Kitchen Stadium is the area where the Iron Chefs await the challenges of their demonic opponents and master chefs alike. Both the Iron Chefs and their enemies have to fight to achieve their goals. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they are to defend the people of Earth. And if ever the enmy wins over the iron chefs, the world as we know it is doomed. Every battle, lives are on the line from the base of Kitchen Stadium, where master chefs pit their deadly creations against each other.

What weapons does today's challenger bring?
And how will the Iron Chefs fight back?
The heat will be on!

The world is similar to modern day earth, only make it more high tech. And add super robots.

And a few countries devastated by giant sea creatures, and some crazy airships. Oh yes, and bits of the US East Coast are overtaken by darkness, and possibly space aliens. Can't be sure, though.

For timeline wise?

The Iron Chefs emerged six months ago, and the threat to the earth from the seas was destroyed However, since then, the darkness has awakened.

The Clown, The Baby, The King, and That Jared Guy are out making enemies for their only opposition.

The Shadow Chef's have formed a month ago, and Alton Brown is a reluctant member of their number, waiting for the chance to defect with his long time friend, and Mech Researcher, Marc Summers.

The H.C. Adventure, captained by Iain "Huey" Hewittson has been flying the skies, acting before the chefs sometimes, the two groups having rare contact, and performing rescues, The Adventure becoming, essentially, a flying city.

The rest? It's up to you. The people. Throw ideas at me! I'll try and incorporate them! Want to ruin a country! Ask me, and it can be ruined! Want to make a huge skyscraper city in Canada? Ask, and you shall receive!

The world is your oyster! And it must be used in every dish!