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CHARACTERS [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:02 am]
Super Robots Iron Chef!


Now, for the character list, I recommend taking a look at this post, as some of the characters have some notes, in comments and the main post, o nthe character personalities I have in mind.

Character - Mech - Role


The heroes of our story! Six Heroic Mech Pilots, with their own specialties, led by Takeshi Kaga and his giant robot Chairman. Masters of both the Culinary and The Combatant! Who's Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?

Takeshi Kaga - Chairman - Head of the Iron Chefs (Played by makoknight)
Hiroyuki Sakai - Iron Chef F - Pilot/Long Ranged Combatant
Chen Kenichi - Iron Chef C - Pilot/High Heat Combat
Rokusaburo Michiba - Iron Chef J - Pilot/Unarmed Combatant
Masaharu Morimoto - Iron Chef JA - Pilot/Swordsman
Masahiko Kobe - Iron Chef I - Pilot/Solo Operative
Kenji Fukui - None - Base Operator
Doctor Yukio Hattori - None - Mechanic/Weapons Development
Shinichiro Ohta - None - Bumbling Assistant
Yutaka Ishinabe - None - Ex-Pilot/Advisor

The H.C. Adventure a free roaming airship, not aligning itself with any country, with a bunch of combatants who fight for truth, justice, and delicious snacks! Captained by Iain "Huey" Hewittson, the mob on the adventure are a group of misfits who live the high life.

Iain "Huey" Hewittson - H.C. Adventure (Airship), NeverTrust ASC (Mech) - Big Man About The Skies
Aristos Papandroulakis - Surprise - The Adventure's Stealth Man (Played by mors_rattus
Alton Brown - Good Eats - Ex-Shadow Chef
Marc Summers - Unwrapped - Mech Researcher
Rachael Ray - Thirty Minute Masher - High Speed Combat
Emeril Lagasse - Essence - Bammin' It Up A Notch
Jamie Oliver - The Naked Chef - Token Brit


A group who came together to destroy the Iron Chefs. The Spiritual Archevil brought this unstable group of fighters together, armed them, and sent them out. They're all bad.

Mark Dacascos - Shadow Chairman - Head of the Shadow Chefs
Cat Cora - Olive Tree - Hellasian Master
Wolfgang Johann Puck - Wolfgang Express - Imbalanced Austrian
Bobby Flay - Bolo - Rampant Jerkoff
Koumei Nakamura - J-II Experimental - Traitor/Samurai
Mario Batali - Lupa - Clog Wearing Nutjob

Another group granted power by the Spiritual Archevil, with The King as their contact with the evil. Tadamichi Ohta is a man who wants the archevils power for himself, Kandagawa a man who wants to crush Michiba, and Tei the first man to ever defeat an Iron Chef.

Tadamichi Ohta - Heaven - Leader Of The Party
Toshiro Kandagawa - Gigant Kandagawa - Yakuza Head Without A Yakuza
Kazuhiko Tei - Submerging Eightlegs - The First Man To Defeat An Iron Chef (Chen)
(Insert Others Here, I'm out of ideas)

A group of Italian Assassins, of which Masahiko Kobe was once a member. When Kobe left, he disposed of most of the group. The four survivors are out for his blood. And thanks to The Clown, they know where he is.

Mario Frittoli - Assassino - The Murderer
Constantino Gemmoli - Sostegno - The Backup
Franco Kanthoniel - Pulitore - The Cleaner
Marco Paolo Molinari - Eliminazione - The Disposalist

A group of young french chefs, out to take down Sakai and Yutaka, who The Baby uses as cannon fodder for it's own little plans.

Kazutaka Okabe - Agneau - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
(Insert Others Here, I can't find any more!)

After 10,000 years, they're free! TIME TO CONQUER EARTH! Harlan Sanders, his allies and his secret minions, the Eleven Herbs and Spices, are the cause of the threat to earth. They brought the sea creatures to the land, and now they're intent on destroying the earth, and are happy to use the earthlings as minions.

Harlan Sanders - The Colonel - Commander In Chief (Moderator NPC….For now.)
The Clown - None - 2IC
The Baby - None - Jedite
The King - None - Where Is Your God Now!?
That Jared Guy - None - Jaredite
The Eleven Secret Herbs And Spices - OC OPPORTUNITY!


None Yet. Feel free to add some.

Got some other ideas for characters? Point them out, their origin, app them. Apping rules in next post.